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Formation and changes in the following subjects: Private Limited Company Limited Liability Partnership branch or establishment Taxes Corporation tax:  20% (since April 2017 it will be 19%) Personal income tax:   progressive, up to 11.000,- £ without tax, after this income 20% - 45% Withholding tax: doesn´t exist VAT rate: 20% VAT registration: Obligatory – at exceeding the turnover 81.000,-  £ in 12 months or if it is expected to be exceeded in following 30 days Voluntary   –      it´s   possible   if   the   required   documents   will   be   supplied,   but cannot   be   guaranteed   –   it   is   always   considered   individually   depending   on   the place of the real business activity. Termination of a business: 1. deletion from the Coompanies House 2. the company has a legal successor - the sale, M&A or split-up of the company Accounting:  obligatory Publicity   of   company´s   data:   information   in   Companies   House   are   publicly   available.   Currently   it´s necessary   to   provide   Companies   House   with   the   identity   and   details   of   people   with   significant   control of   company   under   threat   of   the   criminal   penalties.   We   don´t   offer   the   „nominees“   service   in   United Kingdom. Bank   account:   it´s   possible   to   open   a   bank   account   in   English,   Czech   or   Caribbean   bank   (during   the VAT registration process it´s obligatory to open an account in English bank). Advantages of UK jurisdiction very fast company formation (in 4 hours) English LTD have excellent professional image very good jurisdiction for trading with non-EU countries comparatively low operating costs existence of dormant companies Other services: Supply residence Ensure social insurance English driving license English domain name Services of translators Holding structures and connections with other countries Representing a client before administrative authorities and courts Registered seat and correspondence forwarding Virtual office

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