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Formation and changes in the following subjects: Limited Liability Company Taxes Corporation tax: 0% Personal income tax: 0 % Withholding tax: doesn´t exist VAT: 0% for international business companies (they are exempted from tax system) SVG   companies   do   not   pay   any   taxes   regardless   the   profit   but   they   pay   the   annual   fee   in   the   fixed amount. Termination of a business: 1.   deletion   from   the   Commercial   Register   preceded   by   either   request   of   dissolution   or   not   paying   the annual fee 2. sale of the company Accounting:  companies do not have to hold accounts Publicity   of   company´s   data:   company´s   data   including   the   information   about   statutory   body   and shareholders   are   not   available   in   any   public   register   and   St.   Vincent   does   not   release   this   kind   of information   to   any   government   nor   financial   or   international   authorities.   Anonymity   of   company   is possible by using the „nominees“ service. Bank account:  it´s possible to open a bank account for SVG companies in Caribbean bank. Advantages of SVG jurisdiction one of the cheapest offshore destinations SVG   has   one   of   the   strictest   laws   for   protecting   confidential   information   in   the   world   (this   law includes the information about owners and directors among the confidential information) in    addition,    SVG    has    not    signed    any    international    treaty    which    would    lead    to    information exchange of information offshore jurisdiction with an excellent political stability SVG offers many banks including branches of international banks (e.g. Scotiabank) a company with only one shareholder can be the sole founder of another company suitable jurisdiction for trading with non-EU countries Other services: Complex advisory Transfer of any company to our administrator Services of translators Nominees services Virtual office Holding structures and connections with other countries Correspondence forwarding Company stamps Continuation of the article on the title page:   SVG   is   generally   considered   as   an   off-shore   destination.   It´s   a   little   country   in   the   Caribbean   sea   located at   the   island   St.   Vincent   and   other   32   smaller,   mostly   uninhabited   islands   of   Grenadines.   The   country gained   its   independence   in   1979   and   has   stable   political   and   economic   system,   it   is   also   a member   of British Commonwealth.

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